OpusNine clients
Here are the clients which currently retain OpusNine's services:


Zoom Corporation in Tokyo makes signal processing gear for studio and guitar applications, as well as sound generation devices. My consultation with Zoom, which dates from 1992, involves product planning and design, soundset design, music demos and support materials, such as supplemental CDs and videos, voicing of both processors and sound generators, and general marketing support. Products I've worked on include the SampleTrak,the complete line of RhythmTraks, studio effects 1201, 9120, 9200, 9000 and guitar effects D100, ZoomDriver, 9050, as well as the MRS line of integrated digital audio workstations.

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Antares Systems of California makes software plug-ins and hardware processing devices. I've worked with Antares since the Fall of 1997, developing the ATR-1, rack mounted hardware version of the popular Auto-Tune plug in. After that, came the MicMod software and hardware products. I currently perform the demonstrations at the major trade shows, develop marketing support materials, and help plan, design and test products. We recently released Kantos, the audio-driven virtual synth.

Click here for Antares music demos

I've also worked with Cycling '74,  GRM Tools,  E-mu Systems,  Creative Insights,  Vivid Publishing,  Alesis Corporation,  Opcode Systems, Apple Computer,  Cameo Interactive, Digidesign,  Invision Interactive, Tascam, Oberheim, Akai,  Mackie Design, OSC, Interval Research,  Marion Systems.

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