jeramy g is a musician who works in many different acoustic and electronic styles, playing a wide variety of instruments and programming music computers. He holds several degrees in music composition and conducting at the Eastman School of Music, and currently owns and operates OPUS NINE, a project studio in the San Francisco Bay area. For the past twenty years, he's worked as a musical consultant, composer, and electronic instrument designer. Jeramy is currently focused on music production and sound design, blending synthetic and acoustic sounds. He also teaches electronic music at University of California at Santa Cruz. In early 1993, he co-founded the Bay area ensemble Haunted By Waters, which performed original electro-acoustic compositions inspired by musical styles from many cultures. His current projects are Artifact, which explores loop-based dance and trance music; OHM (Order of the Half Moon), a free improvisation group based around prepared piano; and subTribe, a Middle Eastern music and dance ensemble.
jeramy g
I have a teenaged son and we live coastside in the Bay area. I grew up in New Haven, CT where my family lives. Moving from the East coast in 1985, I lived in Santa Cruz for five years before relocating to San Francisco. I spend most of my time making music and sounds of all sorts, getting relief from hours of programming by playing acoustic musical instruments (piano, synths, various MIDI controllers, various drums and percussion, all styles of guitar and bass, saxophone, flutes and conch shell, didgeridoo, most recently, theremin) in many different ensembles and musical configurations. I also put a lot of energy into recording, engineering and music production with projects ranging from ambient subliminal tapes to industrial noise collage. Most of my current stylistic focus, however, is a primitive, tribal sound, trying to evoke a completely visceral response from listener and performer alike, using instruments from all over the world. This is then integrated with analog and digital electronic processes of all kinds.
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